Sound Art – Research

Tokyo City Symphony, 2013

Exact replica of the Tokyo cityscape, handcrafted (5 x 5 metres)

The Tokyo City Symphony is a project by Creative Director Tsubasa Oyagi, commissioned by Mori Building Co. Ltd. It is a website in which users can play as a virtual instrument online and create 3D projection mapping on a 1:1000 miniature model of the Tokyo cityscape. This micro music installation allows users to choose between Future City, Rock City and EDO City, to produce visual soundscapes by pressing letters on their keyboard.


I find this work particularly interesting as it converts the elements of a 3D projection into an interactive musical creation online that accessible to all around the world. The tunes are generally upbeat, funky and catchy, and the visuals conjured are just as eye-catching! The futuristic, Japanese motifs and tunes gives a very modern vibe to the whole project, and perhaps along with a sense of patriotism for the Japanese. Overall, this was a really fun dj-ing experience & I’d love to see a projection mapping on the iconic buildings of Singapore!


Global Sounds Project, 2013

The Global Sounds Project is an interactive installation done by German interactive designer Rebecca Gischel, which aims to bring people together in a public space. This work comprises of a series of white pyramids installed at the square of Edinburgh, each programmed to play a certain instrumental song when interacted with. As more and more people participate, different instruments will be triggered together, producing a richer, fuller orchestra.

What attracts me most about this installation is the interactive aspect of it and the idea of bringing people together through sound play. Each of the instrumental soundtracks are not only soothing to the ear, but are representative of the migrant diversity in the area. The spread of individual pyramids encourages participation, but even without participating, one can enjoy the music triggered by others. In my opinion, it would definitely be fun and refreshing to experience this first-hand.

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