Week 3 Response: Chipchase’s TED Talk

I very much agree with the points Chipchase mentioned in the video. three important things we bring out: keys, phones, and money. Mobile phones have become such an important part of our lives that many would say they can’t function without mobile phones. If we didn’t bring keys out, we can always wait for others to open the doors for us, or worst case scenario spent the night at other people’s places. Of course, there will be scenarios that you forgot to bring the keys out and left an important item in the house. The mobile phone will then come in to contact your family for help.

Money is an important aspect of our lives too because without money one can’t really survive. We need money for food, purchases, and other basic living necessity, so no doubt that your wallet is one key thing to bring out, especially if you are overseas. If you forget to bring your wallet, the first thing most people would think of is to contact someone to bring it out for you. Actually, in most cases, we would just Whatsapp someone to say they forgot to bring their wallet out and seek assistance from there. Or maybe share about it in social media.

From the above, mobile phones are actually the most important item that people most rely on, especially┬áthis generation with the world being increasingly more connected. Apple Pay, Android Pay are functions that actually replaces money, so a wallet isn’t actually important in the future. And that was one thing Chipchase overlooked, the impact of advances in technology have on people.

Author: Jolene Tan

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