Project 1: My Line is Emo


ANGER my line is emo 4

This is Exasperation. It’s frayed apart and is a visual representation of how one would feel under intense annoyance.

ANGER my line is emo 3
This is Irritation. I felt like Irritation starts with one starting point and just grows more and more wild from there. Which is seen in the picture

ANGER my line is emo 1
This is Vengeance. As a more methodical kind of anger, there is a pattern to this line. It still retains a dark and evil looking vibe.


FEAR my line is emo 17
This is Horror. People tend to hear their own heartbeat during horrific moments and that’s what this line represents.

FEAR my line is emo 8
This is Dread. To dread something is to anticipate with great fear or apprehension. The line running through the pattern shows this apprehension.

FEAR my line is emo 6
This is Uneasiness. The patterns in a circle serve as a visual representation of the coiling of guts and a squirmish feeling.


JOY my line is emo 14

This is Thrill. The extreme amount of patterns and the varying contrasts between dark and light give off a lot of energy, giving this line a feeling of thrill.

JOY my line is emo 19

This is Optimism. A light happy feeling achieved with what seems to be patterns being blown away by the wind.

JOY my line is emo 9

This is Triumph. Like a wave crashing over rocks, this line captures the victorious feeling of overcoming an obstacle.


LOVE my line is emo 11

This is Attraction. The straight lines that bend slightly show how attraction is the beginning of love, like 2 people who have just noticed each other for the first time.

LOVE my line is emo 20

This is Love. A fast heart beat and a upward feeling that makes you feel lighter, this is what the line is trying to capture.

LOVE my line is emo 16

This is Sensual. Pleasure in physical and emotional senses is often represented by curves which has been repeated many times in this line.


SADNESS my line is emo 7
This is Guilt. A contrast of blacks and whites, crashing into each other without pattern. This represents the conflict of emotion within oneself when guilt exists.

SADNESS my line is emo 5
This is Melancholy. Grayish slow moving ink across paper is a visual representation of melancholy.

SADNESS my line is emo 2
This is Isolation. The white splotches surrounded by darkness shows how despite being around others, one can still feel very isolated.


SURPRISE my line
This is Revelation. It starts off with dark obscurity, followed by sudden white spots that represent the idea or realization coming to life and growing larger.

SURPRISE my line is emo 15
This is Shock. This is a emotion that can shake one’s very soul or world. In this line there is focus on where the shock takes place.

SURPRISE my line is emo 10
This is Bewilderment. Sharp lines with a indiscernible pattern meant to confuse the viewer and create a feeling of bewilderment.