Week 9: Final Project Proposal

Here’s the 3 ideas I have in mind:


(1) Stories of your neighborhood

Ever wonder what each neighborhood that you visited used to encompasses? 

The idea was triggered when I was in little India, exploring Tekka market and other outskirts of Tekka. I came across beautiful wall murals that depicts the essence of the place and I love how beautifully history and traditions of the place was captured onto a wall, an ordinary wall that people used to not take another look at but simply passes by. Just like how wall murals were thoughtfully placed in the train (MRT) platforms to further enhance customers’ experiences every morning, while you transit from line to line.

Even though I do love the idea of these wall murals, I thought we could make them more interactive and less static to get people to touch them, feel them and interact with them. I was inspired by this project piece I witnessed during my internship, when the organisation I was working with were working on a project that involves changing perceptions and getting people to get in touch with the mental health community. A senior of mine, incorporates Augmented reality (ARinto pieces of artwork (the images depicts the different types of mental health illness and their encounters which allows an immersive experience for the public) which transformed these once lifeless and static images into moving images which grabs the audience soul and meanwhile allows them to get in touch and feel more for the mental health community. 

Ideation (1):

Through fusing technology into static images to encourage more interactivity in public spaces. 

How? – Artwork/murals to be translated into digital form as well. I’m imaging a space along the train platforms or even out around the alley or districts of the city with wall murals and as people scan the images of different segment of the walls, the story comes alive in their mobile phones which offers for a more immersive experience. 

To further develop – How can the public contribute? 

(2) Words of mouth

Ever wonder what’re some good food places or even what’s happening nearby this station?

And sometimes none of your friends stays nearby or are nowhere nearby, how can I get my response instantly? Whenever I’m new to a place, this thought instantly pops up in my mind and usually I will end up queuing up behind a whole lot of people for a bowl of prawn mee that tastes just decent. So I thought of having a mobile platform whereas one will be automatically logon to whenever they are at a particular station (MRT), where they could see what other commuters have recommend or posted onto the platforms regarding some interesting events within the zone would be quite interesting for people who are unfamiliar or new to certain stops and stations.

Ideation (2): Creating an online platform to create more active interactions among commuters. 

How? – An application which comes with a ranges of platform where user will be automatically logon to whenever they are at that particular station, commuters are free to post their queries or share any updates regarding that particular location on a online billboard for other commuters to pick up. To further support the application, an interactive billboard will be placed along the walkway of the platform so as commuters scroll their way through the platform, they are aware of the updates/questions which will further prompt them to come online to respond to any of the commuters.

To further develop – How can the public contribute? 

(3) Let your books speak 

Have you ever wish you could somehow interact with characters in your book? 

Ideation (3):

Through fusing technology into daily life to further enhance readers experience in the library. 

How? – Having a corner of a library fabricated for virtual reality experiences for readers to experience and get involved in the story and so to feel more involved in the story as they get to interact with the story surrounding which triggers the character’s behavior and actions.

To further develop – How to better incorporate this into the library?

Author: Fiona Lim

"Deep in the meadow, under the willow..."

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  1. I really like the idea “stories of a neighbourhood”. I thought of using geo-location to surface location relevant information, but I think it is more interesting to extend it to the telling of stories. How can we create a modern mural? It may not be through the traditional brick-and-mortar fashion, and it may not be through only one artist. I think we as people, all have stories to tell – especially with the places we frequent on the daily. I think it would be really interesting if we could tell the “stories of a neighbourhood” through mobile and create an easy way for people to share stories and consume stories of the neighbourhoods that they’re in. Let me know if you’d be interested in working on this!

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