Project 1 – Typographic Portraits (R).

Through class presentations and lessons, I realized that typography is often used as an expression/tool to communicate messages across more efficiently, as one could save up a lot of shots/costs through using creative typography than communicating the whole idea by itself. Moreover, it’s ‘attractive’ & catchy which can easily catch your audiences’ attention more efficiently! There’s certainly more to typography than just being words.

Rhythm on wires – is basically using metal wires to construct letters which was later connected to digital sources to make rhythms. The tone/sound of the rhythms is fully dependent on how the letters are constructed.
Rizon Parein’s advertisement designed in three dimensional form specially for Nike footwear series. (It lights up. However, he decided to keep the lights off as it is better presented like this.)
Portraits of famous football celebrities constructed using wires and tubes.

I find wires expressive in general as they allows you to create your own forms/shapes just like how pencil and paper works. Moreover, the beauty of wire is often neglected, just like how wrappers/straws etc are hence this is definitely good as it showcases the ability of creating art through wires and at the same time, add flavors to them which shines them under a different light. In the meantime, will look up on jobs that are often neglected and try to further explore and inject different kind mediums during this idealization work.

Additional notes  – ( Note (1) – electric wires are often coated with a colored tubing for different functionalities and used in different jobs and environments.)

Other possibilities,

Beauty in simple forms. – really amazing shadow arts which depends heavily not just on the wires but the angle/direction where the light is being cast.

Expectations ≠ Reality

Happened to come across this work online, an interesting piece by Anon Pairot for this year’s Art Stage. Though, I’m scared of cockroaches but this piece of work evokes a different emotion when I first come across it, I won’t have believed my eyes that it’s cockroaches till I zoomed into the image!  Hahahaha, thought that it would be nice to share this!


In summary, I also looked up on Red hongyi’s work (reallyrealllly amazing work!) as recommended by Professor to look at. She experiments on all sorts of medium -ranges from cosmetics, food, chopsticks etc. Was really amazed by her shadow art and food art particularly where she deconstruct the fruits/veggies and laid them out in a way that they form an animal in an abstract manner..really gooooooood. Now, back to work and sorting out thoughts, hmmmm.