Chen Yue & Matthew – Week 5

The feedback that we got from our idea last week was to make an installation that is more specific to the site – Nanyang Lake. Our concept of bringing out the “Nantah Spirit” and instilling a sense of belonging among students was good. The installation could probably make use of the lake water or crafted in a way that it can only be placed at Nanyang Lake and nowhere else to explain the history.


Our concepts will incorporate the element of play and team spirit to create an installation that is site-specific and provide an attraction for people.


Inspiration – Handcar

Image result for handcarImage result for handcar

Handcars are cars on tracks that are powered by its passengers. We felt that this could represent the team spirit that we want to bring out as one person powering the handcar would be very difficult and it is usually done in pairs. Handcars consist of an arm which is see-saw like, and a base which the passengers either sit or stand. It is most commonly used in mines but serves as a leisure joyride for the public nowadays. You can probably find handcars at amusement parks.

Our first idea is a track across the Nanyang Lake that features the handcar. Students will hop on the handcar and move across the lake where they can learn about the history and foundation of NTU. Panels will be placed at eye-level and students can read them as they pass. We also came up with some concepts for the handcar and the designs could be further explored.

Inspiration – Light Drift

“Light Drift” created a field of lighting elements that attract the public into an interactive engagement with the artwork, the river, and each other.

More about the project can be read here.


Using the above-mentioned reference, we wanted to create an experience that involves the student’s interaction. The student themselves need to do something to uncover something. We thought of a lighted floating bridge that is the shape of a honeycomb. The bridge is modular and each segment is a hexagon. Hexagons are used as it depicts the honeycomb structure used by bees and a colony of bees is always stronger than one. They work together which we feel portrays the teamwork spirit. Many hexagons are then connected together to form a bridge. Within each of these hexagons, some of them contain text or images about the history of NTU and the Nahtah Spirit. When students step on these hexagons, it will light up displaying the content.


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