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Zine: Final

The following images are pages from my finalised zine.         Overall I had fun doing this project and I liked it a lot! I really like my zine and maybe an improvement is that there could actually be real paper cut outs in the zine. Thank you Ina for your help and encouragement throughout this whole semester.… Read more →

Zine: Process

I have now decided that my zine should have elements of tracing paper as well as Korean words. I will now be elaborating on how I tend to showcase the 3 different traits about myself that was previously mentioned in my zine.   Greed 욕심. I came up with a poem to be placed beside the text saying: How much… Read more →

Zine: Research

Hi, for this project I want to incorporate elements from all the past projects that I did this semester. I decided to title my zine “Hello” which is also the first ever project that we did in Ina’s class this semester. Having the title Hello, I want the 8 pages zine to talk about myself and my traits. I chose… Read more →

POV: Research

When I first got to know about this project, I wanted to talk about K-Pop idols. They may seem very glamorous and perfect on the outside but is that really what is happening behind the scenes?     There are many articles online that show the ugly side of being a K-Pop idol. It is a very competitive and definitely… Read more →

POV: K-Pop Idols

The following images are my final pieces for this project.   1. POV from entertainment company (The entertainment often view idols as money making machines and do not really care about their views. Idols have no say in which shows they want to do or not and are blinded by the entertainment company’s direction.)   2. POV from other idols… Read more →

“Hello my name is _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

Hello! So this is an introduction project where we had to create typographic name tags on our first lesson. This project is an opportunity to be inventive in different genres. It expands one’s creative problem solving abilities to view a subject from different perspectives. We had to create 3 name tags.   1. Typography For this name tag I drew… Read more →

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