Category: 2D Foundation – 2

Project 3: Ego

For this project, I wanted to use neon colours to show my bright and vibrant personality. When viewed under UV light, the colours stands out even more. I did research on various artists that uses neon colours in their artwork and used them as inspirations for my own work. Francoise Nielly Françoise Nielly is a French knife-painter who is famous… Read more →

Project 2: Nursery Rhyme

This project is to move beyond cliche solutions and habitual reaction to problem solving that leads to predictable results. Our goal is to manipulate, alter and deconstruct the given graphic imagery to transcend its original meaning through the creation of the indicated narratives. The following picture is my final submission. From left to right, top to bottom: Old MacDonald Had… Read more →

Project 1 – Line

        This is my final submission for Project 1. Picture 1(from left to right): Indecisive, Aggressive, Sensual, Spontaneous, Sloven, Nonsensical, Awkward, Embarrassed, Systematic, Psychotic. Picture 2: Turbulent, Ambiguous, Anxious, Distracted, Lyrical, Fragile, Exhausted, Bizarre.   My work is inspired from mono-printing techniques as well as pen techniques that I learn during class. The theme for my lines… Read more →

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