Project 3: Ego

For this project, I wanted to use neon colours to show my bright and vibrant personality. When viewed under UV light, the colours stands out even more.

I did research on various artists that uses neon colours in their artwork and used them as inspirations for my own work.

Francoise Nielly


Françoise Nielly is a French knife-painter who is famous for painting vibrant and colourful closeup portraits of people such as Barack Obama. She was born in Marseille, brought up near Cannes and Saint-Tropez and is now living in Paris.


Dan Flavin


Dan Flavin was an American minimalist artist famous for creating sculptural objects and installations from commercially available fluorescent light fixtures.


For this project we have to use different colours schemes from the colour wheel. I created my own colour wheel to better understand the colours and the different colour harmonies.



The following images are from my sketchbook:

FullSizeRender 10

FullSizeRender 12

FullSizeRender 16






I tried different methods of composition to illustrate different images. Taking into consideration of the colour schemes as well. Fitting the colours themes into the images drawn.

This is my final submission:


“Books” + “No Freedom” = “Me”

“Myself” + “Bad Habits” = “A Better Me”

“Vision” + “Wisdom” = “An Ideal Me”

“Money” + “Knowledge” = “Me In 5 Years”



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