WK 10 – Feedback on project & next step

At this weeks’ lecture we presented the idea about bringing local culture into the MRT.

Feedback & considerations according to the project:

  • How do we secure people move through the areas with out any obstructions?
    • Bringing in interactive screens can counteract how people move through space
  • Need to specify areas to the client (MRT operators, government)
  • Might be a challenge with motion sensors when there are a lot of people travelling (peak hours)
  • What can be seen on the screens when there are no events?

This weeks work on the project


Firstly, we considered where the location for our installation should be in the area where the cultural event was going to be. On the same time we had to consider how to convince our client about the location and also considerations about the physical layout in the MRT.

For our showcase of the concept and also where the initial installation should be done China Town or Dhoby  Gaut might be considered as they connect different metro lines and therefore also be good location to promote locals to different neighborhoods where they might have thought about going maybe for a special occation.

Dhoby Gaut, China Town,
Dhoby Gaut, China Town,

Filming session & location exploration 

User Experience, Location, film shooting, Dead spaces
User Experience, Location, film shooting, Dead spaces

As seen above we went to the Dhoby Gaut MRT station to explore the location, do a film session and also to see how many dead spaces which is presented in the actual location (What you can also notice in the picture is that the wall painting has not change from the picture found online before we went there).
In one way you can argue that to some specific people Commuters the wall painting can be dead spaces to them in there every day life.

Dhoby Gaut MRT

Dhoby Gaut

As a lot of people travel through the Dhoby Gaut MRT and physical layout is  very different but have wide pathways we believe there are certain dead spaces where it will be possible to implement our concept.

Interactive floor, User Experience, Dhoby Gaut, MRT, final project
Interactive floor, User Experience, Dhoby Gaut, MRT, final project

What we also found and experienced at the Dhoby Gaut  MRT was a passage with an interactive floor, consisting both of light and sound elements . As you see on the pictures it attracted different kind of people.

Findings from Dhoby Gaut MRT  

  • It was observered during the morning that people tend to arrive en a big group as when the train arrive to the MRT and then a dead period afterwards.
  • Different people, different movements, different behaviours
  • Dhoby Gaut seems to be a good location for the concept at it is a hub to different MRT stations and areas of Singapore as well a lot of people travel through the MRT every day. On the same time it provide area with enough space where people can stop/move more slowly to interact with a screen

today’s presentation