Interior Landscapes – Transitions & Relationships

As we shifted to exploring the internal virtual world of our desktop, it became clear to me that my personal computer space is one of the best forms of communication between myself and others. Communication and quality time, whether in person or over a digital screen, is how we form relationships and as we near the end of our study abroad semester in Singapore, relationships have been on my mind often. Relationships with people back home that have been stunted by distance and relationships that have formed here with people I will be leaving in a few short weeks — even relationships that will grow with transitions that are beginning to happen as I move back to the States but to a new state across the country. All of this is explored through layered video calls and conversations in my Interior Landscape project.

My video-soundscape (a digital landscape of composed video and audio footage) is a realistic narration of my life through chats with friends and family, in particular, my best friends from high school and college and my mother and sister. Selected video snippets are chosen for their audio counterparts and the messages they relayed as well as how they connected and overlapped with conversation content. Repetition of sonic elements such as digital notifications, my distorted voice, and background typing noises create additional texture to the heavily layered video. The most prominent sounds are human voices which I chose not to distort because of the importance of the words. Throughout our study of found sounds this semester and how they can be musical, I think our focus on the human voice in the second half of the semester was most intriguing to me.

The symmetry of the beginning and ending of the video in terms of desktop imagery and sound elements create stability and emphasise how digital communication and relationships cannot exist on a computer without human interaction. My Spotify background music relates to my daily life and the correlation between mood of music and the mood of my day. Ultimately, the video is a composed digital landscape highlighting the humanity that can be found through digital technology as well as my personal sentiments during this time of the semester.


Sound Explorations P2

Round 2 of my sound explorations recorded from my digital desktop landscape:

01 Typing Glitch –
source: keyboard typing
effects: beat repeat, grain delay, chorus, auto pan, Warp
alterations: high pitch, high frequency, deconstructed beats, 95% feedback, 100% wet

02 Digital Giggle Loop –
source: two girls laughing during a Skype call
effects: Beat repeat, Chorus, Loop & Warp
alterations: Flounch chorus with zero feedback and 100% wet, Vocal Fun beat repeat with high variation and high chance, Sharing Auto Pan with quick back and forth L to R

03 Defiance –
source: voice on Skype saying “I don’t think I will… I don’t agree with this”
effects: Loop & Warp, auto Filter, 2x Vocoder
alterations: Chromatic Vocoder with all individual bandpass filters at same highest level so its instrumental, octaves mod vocoder with only a few individual bandpass filters open at all; auto filter Only the Good Parts with high envelope attack dropping off sounds after 1K

04 Snapchat Filters? –
source: one voice asking a question on Skype
effects: Vocoder x2, Auto pan
alterations: Noise Drums Vocoder with pitch tracking and high bandpass filters for all (low pitched snapchat filters); even panning between left and right for spacial alterations; Octave Mood vocoder with few bandpass filters in use (high pitched snapchat filters)

Desktop Draft 02

After watching my desktop recording, I think it is a little too static in representing my desktop interactions. Watching the live screen recording through OBS and using my windows at a small size did not allow me to accurately interact with my desktop how I normally would. I think I would either need to practice using OBS or go back to desktop screen recording as we did last week to most precisely show my digital landscape as it typically exists.

On the other hand, I think this video does explain how my mind multitasks quite poorly. Even though I always have multiple windows, tabs and desktops open, I am always singularly focused to the point where I was not even watching the New Girl video as I was typing or scrolling through youtube, etc. In this sense, maybe the video does capture my desktop life well.