Desktop Draft 02

After watching my desktop recording, I think it is a little too static in representing my desktop interactions. Watching the live screen recording through OBS and using my windows at a small size did not allow me to accurately interact with my desktop how I normally would. I think I would either need to practice using OBS or go back to desktop screen recording as we did last week to most precisely show my digital landscape as it typically exists.

On the other hand, I think this video does explain how my mind multitasks quite poorly. Even though I always have multiple windows, tabs and desktops open, I am always singularly focused to the point where I was not even watching the New Girl video as I was typing or scrolling through youtube, etc. In this sense, maybe the video does capture my desktop life well.

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  1. Fantastic! You and Ellie are superstars of the desktop!! Seriously, I really liked the way you arranged your desktop, showing various channels in YouTube, Facebook while engaging in conversation. You captured a feeling that Noah, and even Jon Cates, in terms of showing the multiplicity of the desktop experience and the way we communicate online.

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