Sound Explorations P2

Round 2 of my sound explorations recorded from my digital desktop landscape:

01 Typing Glitch –
source: keyboard typing
effects: beat repeat, grain delay, chorus, auto pan, Warp
alterations: high pitch, high frequency, deconstructed beats, 95% feedback, 100% wet

02 Digital Giggle Loop –
source: two girls laughing during a Skype call
effects: Beat repeat, Chorus, Loop & Warp
alterations: Flounch chorus with zero feedback and 100% wet, Vocal Fun beat repeat with high variation and high chance, Sharing Auto Pan with quick back and forth L to R

03 Defiance –
source: voice on Skype saying “I don’t think I will… I don’t agree with this”
effects: Loop & Warp, auto Filter, 2x Vocoder
alterations: Chromatic Vocoder with all individual bandpass filters at same highest level so its instrumental, octaves mod vocoder with only a few individual bandpass filters open at all; auto filter Only the Good Parts with high envelope attack dropping off sounds after 1K

04 Snapchat Filters? –
source: one voice asking a question on Skype
effects: Vocoder x2, Auto pan
alterations: Noise Drums Vocoder with pitch tracking and high bandpass filters for all (low pitched snapchat filters); even panning between left and right for spacial alterations; Octave Mood vocoder with few bandpass filters in use (high pitched snapchat filters)