Pro-Choice A-Z Mobile Application

Moving on from the game, players might have many questions after being exposed to the different prompts. Some might be curious, other may be clueless on what the different choices they are entitled to.

Pro-Choice A-Z mobile application aims to clarify, inform and guide young women have queries pertaining to all things pro-choice. This meant that definition of what pro-choice actually means and how important of a cause it is especially in the Singaporean context. Information on abortion and adoption procedures, cost and aftercare or side effects can also be found in the app.

App Testing/Run Through:

To conclude, I had so much fun and fulfilment throughout the process of creating the two deliverables. It really made me take a step back to look at things differently and more critically as it made me design with a purpose and not just for the sake of aesthetic of it. Moving forward, I would really love to tackle more social issues close to my heart and come out with many other creative yet practical designs that not only looks beautiful but also impact others.