Project 1: Gifting: Initial Idea

Our first 3D project for this semester, the idea of gifting, was my first experience with making a particular product for a person. I talked to my client, and got to learn a few key things about her, which lead me to design the present I did, for her.

  • Client: Jia Zhen
  • Things she likes: Pink colour, Pigs, food, sparkle, wants to visit the Bahamas
  • If there’s one surreal thing she wished she could turn into: She’d like to liquid 
  • She’s a swimmer and lives in hall, and is a very happy go lucky person
  • 3 terms my presentation was based on: Glass sculptures, glass blowing, emotive water.

slide1 slide2 slide3 slide4 slide5 slide6 slide7 slide8 slide9 slide10 slide11 slide12

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