Project 1: Process and Final design

Something that fascinated me about my client was the idea that she’s like to turn liquid, and I somehow felt that it somehow resonated very well with her personality. I was also very fascinated by glass blowing and shaping after I learnt about it while I made my presentation. 

After considering a number of possibilities, I decided to make my present with hot glue, or glue. I thought it would be the most appropriate choice as it gave me the freedom to shape it like water, and at the same time, once it dries, will stay still. 

I considered a number of ideas before finalizing:

high-speed-photography-30-stunning-water-balloon-bursting-photos_07-gencept img_1689 waterballoon

04jtu29 bubblegram-glass egyptian_-_glass_vessel_with_handles_-_walters_4731 stuart-wiltshire-glass-blown-dolphins

I finally decided to go with this idea, since it gave me the liberty to change it into something with a good utility value too.


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