Yishun Visit Feat. Pigeon Attack

My first visit to Yishun was mostly unproductive, thanks to the rain. Nevertheless, I visited my site again, and this time, I was able to gather enough information ad get a fair idea of what Yishun is like.

I came across a number of places during my walk from the Yishun MRT station to the Lower Seletar reservoir.

  • Dong Shan Temple
  • Swimming Complex
  • Yishun Park
  • Khatib MRT
  • Seletar Reservoir
  • North Point Shopping Complex
  • Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
  • Yishun Stadium

I was initially very worried about not finding enough ideas to work on my zine. But things just fell into place when this happened….

I was extremely amused to see the number of pigeons there, and it reminded me of India. As I tried taking a video, I also got attacked by a flock of them. It was so terrifying (and a little embarrassing, since I was around a bunch of school kids). No that was not it. At the Seletar reservoir, I thought I saw a bunch of crocodiles, which actually turned out to be monitor lizards. And to add to all this, the headlines also flash news of cats being murdered. So all these put together, I decided to base my project on (something intimidating) about the fauna in Yishun.

Another really fascinating thing about Yishun was that a LOT of residential buildings, were very beautifully painted with different elements of nature like birds, animals, flowers plants etc. That too, along with a many other factors gave a very calm and cozy  homely vibe to the place.

Below attached is the Infographic Presentation I presented earlier in class. I made it using Piktochart, a software designed for making infographics.

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