Project 3 : Impossibilities of Being

“30 places that I have never been.”
  1. Outer space
  2. Heaven
  3. Male toilet
  4. Moon
  5. Garden of Eden
  6. New Zealand
  7. SMU
  8. Labrador Park
  9. Neverland
  10. Hogwarts school
  11. Mount Everest
  12. Dollhouse 
  13. La La Land
  14. Jail
  15. London
  16. King’s Landing
  17. The Wall
  18. Tuas
  19. Sand castle
  20. Kathmandu
  21. Salar de Uyuni
  22. The Dead Sea
  23. Pink Lake
  24. Mayflower
  25. Utopia
  26. Dystopia
  27. 221B baker street
  28. Maldives
  29. Laselle
  30. Babylon
“overall ideas & inspiration”

I tend to narrow my theme on self-image and this project is no exception! cool

A doll in a dollhouse is always associated with perfection. Her outer appearance, immutable set of personality and traits including femininity, bubbly, narcissistic, and being a Polyanna. I value individuality because it is what characterised one into an unique human being and not some idealised, mass-produced products. However, it seems like society’s perception of beauty has changed under all sorts of false advertising and celebrity glamorisation, drawing parallel between modern women and those dolls.


Getting inspirations from Dollhouse, a music by Melanie Martinez and the movie, Annabelle.


Roughly drafted out the possible settings and events I might encounter at the Dollhouse.


Translated LO-FI storyboard into actual photos. Added / modified / edited frames in preparation for the final video.

Sound track progress 1:

  1. Storyboards – general direction/ scenes
  2. Photoshoot – get raw images
  3. Photoshop – get edited images
  4. Lightroom – increasing saturation of red to build up tension and climax.
  5. Premiere pro – putting images into a continuous video
  6. Recording – get raw sound clips
  7. Download sound clips – background music
  8. Editing/ inserting/ combining – sync sound clips with video
  9. Voila!
scene 1: sleeping

scene 2: entering doll house

scene 3: wonderful place

scene 4: perfection

scene 5&6: eating

scene 7: fat

scene 8:mirror

scene 9: modification

scene 10: whiteout

scene: love myself


“Food, more, more, more!”

“I’m ugly, fat, worthless.” (male)

“I’m not pretty, not perfect, I don’t belong here.” (female)

Distorted version – from another dimension

“Delusion, wonderful, desire, perfection.”


Screaming – peak of horror

Whispering – imitating sleep paralysis

Garden soundscape


Panting – woke up

Heartbeat – buffer screaming, waking up

Door opening – foretelling something bad is going to happen

Distorted low sanity background music – buffer screaming

Carousel – wonderful, magical

Background music – overall ambience

 “emotional graph”

“final 1-minute video”

“LessonS learnt & stuffs to improve on”

Hands on at the technical aspects like Lightroom, Premiere pro, photoshop, audacity. Definitely useful for future projects! Virgin try at manipulating sounds with images, interesting experience! laughing

I could make the transitions smoother by inserting more intermediate frames or transitioning sound clips. Perhaps drag certain sound clips longer to extend the effect it exerts on the audience. Thanks for all the valuable feedback. embarassed



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