Exercise: Clock Time

Hey world I’m back for a short exercise. Today in 4D class Lei talked about the different types of time in film, then asked us to make a 30 second film that expressed clock time, which is time that is quantitively measured, usually in defined units, like hours and minutes and seconds. I just decided to go with linear time as it seemed easier and I already had an idea in mind!!


And here’s the video:

Ok back to work!! Bye B-)

  • Niki

Exercise 1: Scale and Framing

Good morning world! When I flew out of my room wearing sloppy shorts and slippers because it was raining I 100% did not expect to be doing a photo shoot the SAME VERY DAY HOW WONDERFUL. :^) But my face won’t be ruining my OSS anyway so it’s okay. Here’s my more photogenic classmate, En Cui instead.

En Cui sitting on some steps, Close-up view of her shoulder
En Cui sitting on some steps, Top view
En Cui sitting on some steps, Wide angle shot

I took a total of 18 shots and we had to filter out 3 photographs that we felt best-represented En Cui. But I also picked photos with various framing angles and scales. Fiddling with the DSLR was difficult but I hope I’ll be able to get the hang of it soon for 4D Project One.

  • Niki