[Micro-Project 7] Video Selfie

Sup I’m Banksy. No one is around. There is no sound. It’s dark. Because I do mysterious art attacks at night. So no one knows what I look like, including the creator of this low-budget video.

No walls were actually graffiti-ed in the making of this video. Obey Singaporean law kids. And almost none of the cans were actually spray paint anyway, and creator was sweating like a doggo in the paper bag. FYI the bag is DIY-ed so impressive rite

  • Niki

[Micro-Project 5] The Art of Destruction

Hey guise!! Here’s my fifth micro project for Experimental Interaction, taking glitch art and destruction one step further with Joseph, Joel and Siqi as me groupmates!! :-))))

We decided to do an audio piece where we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in an echo-ey area (the staircase near the 2D Studio) that gave us lots of reverb to add an interesting texture to the initial recording. After that we recorded other random sounds from the environment that could add shock factor into the final audio.

Here’s a list of audio:

Using Audacity, we then manipulated the audio by using the ‘Birthday’ song as the base track, then layering the additional sounds on top of it while repeating the sounds, changing the pitch and speed, adding extra reverb, and basically almost every effect function there is in Audacity lmao.

Here’s the final audio from us:

What I found interesting was that we picked the song ‘Happy Birthday’, a song that everyone is definitely familiar with, as well as sounds from the ADM environment, such as the door opening and closing, and a waterbottle dropping on the floor — sounds and songs that are ubiquitous.

However, the glitching of the sounds has produced something that is unpleasant, ghastly and unfamiliar, despite containing the same data and sounds from before, but simply cut up, rearranged, and adjusted to the point where it cannot be recognised any longer. Empirically, both of our original sets of sound and the final outcome are no different, but at the same time, the glitching procedure has made sure that they are vastly different.

glitcherooni – micro-proj four

First photo of me shoes taken by moi 🙂
Maker:0x4c,Date:2017-10-19,Ver:4,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar01,E-Y Idk where that caption came from??? Edit by Samantha :^))))

Photoshop: Used various filters and upped the contrast of the photo.

Edited by me aaaaaaaaa :o))))))

ALSO Photoshop: Added gradient layers and changed the hue and saturation of the images. Also warped the layers to distort the image.

Edit by Yinghui

Audacity: Added reverse and echo filters

[Describe how this process of collective image creation and decomposition creates a glitch transformation.]

As a glitch can be defined as something that is horrendous, malfunctioning or corrupted, the photo undergoes an unusual and unprecedented transformation. The idea of using a body part in an image creates an even more disturbing and unwanted sense of distorting something in its natural state, akin to the gruesomeness of a limb being twisted off or something 🙂 Thus, a glitch transformation of the original image is born through manipulation of the text in the files.

[How is each transformation creating a new form of its precursor?]

Each transformation sees an additional layer of distortion to the picture. The original pixels still exist somewhere in the photo, but its placement and relativism to the other pixels have changed, resulting in an entirely new visual that borders closer and closer to unrecognisable.


Micro-Project III: Tele-Drift

Posted by Joseph Tan on Monday, 5 February 2018


P R O J E C T  By positioning the camera facing opposite directions with a distance away from each other, we coordinated jumping movements such it looked ( or at least it was supposed to??) like we were jumping from one camera to the other, but it would end up being one person jumping out from one camera and another one appearing on the other camera. Capiche? No? I feel ya :’)

W H E R E  In the ADM Basement, with Joseph’s phone placed on the staircase, and my phone placed on the table under the staircase (essentially opposite each other).

O B J E C T I V E S  To be able to create a work that incorporated three person (compared to the other projects with two people) smoothly. As opposed to creating a project that involved two people, two split screens and just inserting an extra person into the other screen. Thus, the third person could either help us break the third space/we had to take turns being on screen.

O U T C O M E   While the idea was there, the coordinating was super hard, and took like…three different live videos for us to be able to coordinate properly jumping into/out of the cameras at the same time and even on our final try we sometimes screwed up (but some of it can blame the camera lag yeah :’) ). But I think we managed to successfully capture a (entertaining?? I hope) video that made use of the split screen function and three people effectively.