FYP Documentation V.2

The Motivation Close friends and family still single but constantly under pressure to get themselves a partner Singapore has an ageing population and hence, the government policies are especially marriage centric General perception that getting married and starting a family has to be the ultimate end goal Research Questions: What are some of the difficulties faced by a single woman… Read more →

FYP Documentation V.1

Single… but not keen to mingle. A guide to navigating singledom   The Who Singaporean Singles ~35 and above? The age people are starting to be considered “left on the shelf” Primary Audience – Singles (narrow down to age necessary?) Secondary Audience – Relatives Also consider: Split into gender? (In China, there’s Sheng nv but no Sheng nan) The Why… Read more →

Illustration for Designers: Assignment 2 Final

Continuing from the previous post, after our thumbnail sketches, we had to work on our compositions from the three concepts we selected. CANNIBALISTIC INFLUENCER So the idea of the cannibalistic influencer came after consultation as I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to convey the idea of Obsession clearly enough with self-cannibalism alone, hence it was suggested that I… Read more →

Illustration for Designers: Assignment 2 Progress

According to the AOI (Association of Illustrators), Varoom is the globally leading illustration magazine featuring a unique combination of industry insight and critical analysis of the field of illustration. Hence, I wanted my target audience to be students interested and passionate about illustration as, based on my peers, I find that they’re the ones who tend to seek out inspiration… Read more →

Product Design II: Self Field Trip

Harvey Norman and Courts: Dyson Supersonic HD01 Hair Dryer  In the fast pace society we live in today, every second counts and girls like me with thick and long hair spend many minutes waiting for our hair to dry with most hair dryers. Hence, this particular hairdryer which is supposedly designed for fast drying drew my attention. This hair dryer… Read more →

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