Our Box Project II

For the second part of Our Box Project, we were tasked to create two colour compositions of varying perspectives on our box. The colours need not be identical to the box sculpture created. This exercise taught us how to practice simplifying our painting and experiment with different brush techniques – such as dry brush, to create textures.

Our box project composition #01:

Our Box Project Composition #01

For this composition, I decided to experiment with colours which are more mellowed and hushed – a stark contrast from the actual colours of the box: bright and vibrant.

Our box project composition #02:

Our Box Project Composition #02

In creating composition #02, I decided to accentuate the actual colours used for the box sculpture.

Viewfinder’s perspective of the box:

Composition #01 viewfinder’s perspective.
Composition #02 viewfinder’s perspective.

Our Box Project

Front view.
Side view (left).
Side view (right).
Back view.

Continuing from our previous assignment – to create textures, we were tasked to work on a box project in pairs. For this box project, we are to use textures and colours to create a sculpture which evokes the emotions and/or best explicitly represents the self-given theme.

For our project, Randi and I chose the theme of a ‘Carnival‘.