Gouache Painting

Gouache Painting – First Attempt
Gouache Painting Final Piece

22 March 2018.

In this week’s class, we were tasked to paint a scene in school using gouache, making a conscious effort to use one of the hue harmonies taught in class.

For my first attempt, I wanted to play around with colours and use colours which are not conventionally symbolic of the objects themselves. For example, using blue as the casing of the fire hose reel box in place of the commonly known colour: red.

For my final piece, I decided to try my hand at tetrad harmony (also known as ‘double split complementary’). As part of using tetrad harmony, the main colours chosen for my final piece are blue, purple, and yellow, though only hints of yellow can be seen in the trees (greenish-yellow) and walkways (pale-yellow). A brown undertone is also used, possibly adding to the slight sense of melancholy in this composition. Can you guess which part of NTU this is?