Negative and Positive Spaces

Week 2.

Whenever you think of drawing an object, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you focus on the object, or the spaces around it? For me, like many others I suppose, my mind is preoccupied with the object, not the spaces around it. For class in week 2, we were taught how to look at objects from the perspective of the spaces around them (negative spaces). Instead of giving our full attention to the objects themselves, we were enlightened to give our thoughts to the spaces around them, and fill them up with uniform black calligraphy ink.

Week 2 - In Class Assignment 1
In-class assignment one
Week 2 - In class assignment 2
In-class assignment two

For the first in-class assignment, we focused solely on the negative spaces surrounding the object. We observed the relationship between one object and another, how they overlap, and how they share spaces.

For the second in-class assignment, however, we added details to our negative space pieces. Key details. Details that would make the art piece look good overall.

One key takeaway from week 2’s tutorial: design and concept is essential. The best combination would be design and concept, and the technical skills of producing fine quality work.

Week 2 - Home Assignment 1
Assignment (to be brought home) #01
Week 2 - Home Assignment 2
Assignment (to be brought home) #02