Night Drawing

Week 11.

Class started late for this week’s tutorial as we were doing a night drawing.

Night drawing from the perspective of the road opposite ADM.

We used crayons, pastels, and charcoal on brown paper, to compose this piece of drawing. We were taught to observe the middle tones, light tones, and dark tones of our picture plane. It was fascinating how the night scene of our drawings are brought to life with the use of the appropriate colours. I’m not sure about you, but these days when I walk about at night, I’ll start to take notice of the lights that affect our surroundings, and (possibly) compose a similar picture plane, or a rough sketch, as with the one above, in my head. The wonders that art does to one is curiously amazing.

Gardens By The Bay

Week 4.

We had a mini ‘field trip’ out of class to do some perspective drawing with trees as our focus. A couple of us went up to the roof terrace of the ADM building, though Professor Kelly told us not to wander too far…

Adam and Haifa.
Randi and Fiona.
In-class assignment – Perspective of trees from the top of the ADM building.
Assignment (that was done at Gardens by the Bay).