Product Inspirations (1)

1. Rotimatic – designed by Zimplistic

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This product is an automatic roti making kitchenware. It simplifies and automates each step of traditional roti making process by using computer algorithms.

This product offers an on-demand approach as compared to the traditional batch making approach. Roti is made one at a time. A precise number of units are produced as needed. Small quantity suits household size.

Learning points:
  • The compartments: my device can utilize the same compartment for both testing and storing of food items bought from the market, integrating testing into food preparation process.rotimatic
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  • Convenience: automated process with little involvement, leading to efficiency. It only takes about a minute to churn out one roti. This suits households with a busy lifestyle. Detachable parts allow easy washing and maintenance.
  • Cleanliness: use white color, high-density ABS (food-safe plastic), non-sticky surfaces, transparent plastic. These visual quality allows visibility to see through the ingredients and emphasizes the absence of contaminants.
  • Simplicity: Simple interfaces, the possibilities of action is reduced to minimize human mistakes and hence avoid system failure.

2. Ultra Clean Washer (Pen) – Electrolux


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This device works as an addition accurate stain removal process before the clothes are dropped into the washing machine. It uses technology that combines water and ultrasound to effectively remove stains on garments. The pen is docked on the washing machine. It only works when needs arise. It works for small to medium stain area.dock

Learning points:
  • handheld device for spot checking could be part of the system, this integration has to add value to the larger system.
  • device use very simple interface with minimal steps.
  • handheld device allows for agility and mobility.

3. Cleanwave sanitizing wand – Verilux


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The CleanWave Sanitizing Wand uses the same advanced UV-C light technology used to sanitize hospital equipment for over 30 years. User simply scans the surface area with the UV-C light on. The product promises to kill up to 99.9%** of germs, allergens and odor causing bacteria on hard surfaces.

This product is handheld and runs on rechargeable battery. Some product features include:

  • Simple one-button operation and easy-to-read digital display
  • Safety shut-off feature guards against unwanted exposure to eyes or skin
  • Built-in timer allows for precise exposure times
Learning points:
  • this product works in a similar fashion with project, but it goes a step further by actually killing / removing the unwanted bacteria.
  • handheld devices should be ergonomically designed ( this product doesn’t look comfortable in the video)
  • probably applicable as a adulterant scanners for those that are detectable using light.