Lore 3: Authority

A recap…


100 years ago, humanity fell to a new low.

江湖侠客 (Jianghu heroes) slowly became obsolete. Some were jaded by the hopelessness of the situation, while others were blinded by money, power and greed. 武俠’s code of chivalry soon became forgotten and ultimately, lost.

This 100 years of dark period saw the rise of powerful evil sects who thrived because of the widespread corruption and their unorthodox martial arts. However, 10 years ago, majority of these evil sects were destroyed by an unimaginable force. People celebrated, thinking that this power came from an honourable source and that salvation had finally arrived. They have never been more wrong.

The unknown force swept in and called itself king over a large piece of land that was inhabited by kind and hardworking folks. As the sect never revealed its identity, people referred to it as 绝谷 (juegu) and their new overlord as 绝谷主 (jueguzhu).




In 绝谷 (juegu), nobody can be as powerful as the 绝谷主 (jueguzhu). They are supported by the 5 division leaders, whose skills and powers are bestowed by the 绝谷主 (jueguzhu). The only time they can level up their skills is when the sect leader allows it to happen.

Below is the order of authority:

Sovereign – Sect Leader

Followed by the 5 division leaders in no particular order.

  1. Majordomo (In charge of the running of the entire sect)
  2. Security (Of both the sect leader and the sect)
  3. Science (Poison and medicine research)
  4. Assassination (Of both enemies and betrayers)
  5. Information (Keeps the sect leader updated of the worldly happenings)

Below all of them is the head attendant, who is the only person allowed to be within close proximity of the sect leader. He is highly skilled and only follow the direct orders of the sect leader, making him a very special presence in the sect. His loyalty to the sect leader is steadfast and unmovable, as with the 5 division leaders.



Structure of authorities

In order to ensure that there are no betrayals, every sect member has to take a poison concocted by the sect leader. The so-called antidote that is given out every month is only a temporary solution and the real antidote formula is unknown even to the Science division.

Each division has around 100 – 150 sect members and are controlled directly by the division leaders.

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