Micro-Project: Dream Journal

Task #1

Thinking herself back

I think the piece tries to embody the personal narrative of Angeline’s mother. The piece corresponds with the historical event of the Chinese Civil War. I am really impressed with how the dance incorporates story-telling as well as sound effects that go so well together.

A piece about my father’s absence in life

Reaching for my father beyond the bamboo curtain

Screenshot 2016-02-25 09.46.02

It seems like Angeline is in the forest, navigating through her surroundings. The piece of clothing could symbolise her father’s presence. Her bowing motion might be to pay respects to her father. Throughout the whole dance, she interacts with the props like the drums and the bamboo shoots, also washing her hair in the bowl. I am interested in what the items mean and signify.


Task #2 & Task #3

Sketches of my dreams


Scan 1

Scan 2

Waiting and Melting

I dreamt that I was working again at Marina Bay Sands for a wedding banquet. I was serving champagne to people. Then when I reached one guy at the table, I spilled the drink on his pants. Then as the pitcher dropped and spilled, the man started shouting at me. My ear dropped too and I started melting as the shouting got louder.
Password: DJ2



Dora meets Mario

I dreamt I was Dora in the Mario Game collecting coins and jumping over mushrooms. I took my backpack and got my map. After finding out how to get to the next level, I jumped over mushrooms, collected golden coins to rescue Mario.


3 comments on “Micro-Project: Dream Journal

  1. Statements of Meaning/Questions for the artist:
    Tiffany, you write:\
    “My ear dropped too and I started melting as the shouting got louder.”
    Please bring this into the next dance workshop and we will work from here to explore movement. There is something here you can work with. What is the relationship between melting and and what is happening to you in the dream sequence?

  2. Video Feedback
    Statements of meaning/questions for the artist:
    The first video has a lot of interesting movement that you can develop and explore. The beginning with the gestural pouring of the drink and the repetition is interesting. What if you kept the movement but played with the speed at the end?

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