Jasmine Francis

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Jasmine’s outfit:

Jasmine always dress in very “luxurious clothes”. She always wears a sun glasses on her head and is always in shades of brown or nude colours. She always has a nice branded purse, and pearls. So I tried to make sure my actress dresses as close as possible to Jasmine. I tried to make sure my actress understands how Jasmine feels, acts, and then dress her up.

img_0791 img_0797

Process of the project:

  1. Come up with 15 characters mind map
  2. Choose my final character, Jasmine Francis
  3. Rewatch the movie, Blue Jasmine
  4. Come up with more detailed mind map and character evaluation
  5. Come up with her back story (what happens to Jasmine afters the movie ended ?)
  6. Write the story
  7. Come up with 1 minute script conversation
  8. Actress arrives, dress up, hair, and make up
  9. Starts filming
  10. Editing
  11. Review the edit
  12. Finish!

Here is the link to the short video:

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