This project has to be the most exciting project I have done so far during my time in ADM. I have always loved paper cutting art, and I am always fascinated by the depth and the shadow when papers fall on top of one another. SO… for this final assignment I have decided to do paper cutting for ALL 12 PANELS!


As you can see here for the first panel I did, i put in a lot of effort in doing this and I am very happy with how it came out. I will slowly talk more individually about each and every panels I did, but I will show some of the processes before the final pieces! For the one on top, I used a lot of coins to trace circles which represents planets and stars. I layered a lot of papers and then to make them “pop”, I used foam paper (for the rest too).


Before I cut and create anything, I definitely have to draw and outline everything before I cut anything out.. As you can see for the two pictures on top, there are some hidden characters like the question marks, and the exclamation points! I layered these as well. When I layered anything, I have to make sure the foams fall on top of each other perfectly so everything will be secured and seamless.


For the top three pictures show the process of my choosing colors. As mentioned I have a specific color scheme :


I chose these colors mainly because they represents me as a person and as a designer well. I love pale colors and nude colors very very much. Everyone knows I only wear these colors, to be able to express them in this project just make it much more personal. Anyway, back to the color process, I usually choose either the darkest shade at the back then slowly transit to the lighter shade as I lay them on top of one another, and vise versa!

For the boarder of this panel I was inspired by this artist:


I love how magical and whimsical the boarder looks so I tried to in cooperate it inside this panel.


You might have noticed a lot of flowers going on around this project as I love flowers and each panels they represent different things. For example the flowers that are on the butterfly represents me blooming into a beautiful sets of flowers. Innocent, calmness, versatility are what I was trying to portray with these flowers. I was inspired by these references:



For the other references that I have chosen to follow and was inspired by, here are some of them :


So… here are my 12 PANELS!!! I am incredibly proud of them all and I am very excited to show them to everyone! In total, I have spend about 2 weeks creating them all!


The top 3 panels are talking about how I multi tasks and juggle my life all at once.. which I am magically doing a very good job.

“Me always looking for time”

img_9747This panel is talking about how I am always too busy and I am always looking for them. People always tell me I have 32 hours a day, to be able to live so far from school, and work place, I manage to go to school, go to work, come home and do my assignments.. So people always tell me I have 32 hours a day, but actually, I am dying to stay alive haha…

“In such big city, I never seem to find enough time”

img_9748The rectangles are back…! This set of panels have a lot of rectangles and they are all in relations to one another. For this setting, I chose a big city as I am always travelling from one end of this island to another end all the time.. The windows secretly shaped and form question marks and exclamation points, as those are the feelings I go thru daily! The shiny clock has now turned into the moon as “time keeper”.

“I guess I will just multi task everything”

img_9750This panel shows me juggling all the things during the day. I am inside the clock which is “inverted” from the first panel. The icons represent all the things I have to do and yes, I have 6 arms, I do feel that way all the time haha!

For the second row of panels, is a story about how I always have to try so hard to look nice.

“Me always making sure I look my “best””

img_9742This panel is a me holding a mirror and looking at my reflection making sure I look nice… because I do that all the time, It makes me stress out a lot and sometimes… I sweat while doing so. So, all the little dripping effects are my sweats (ew).

“In Barbie boxes, Barbies must feel so nice”

img_9743img_9744Ever since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by the interior of Barbie boxes. I have always felt like they have everything they needed, a comb, a bag, extra set of cute outfits and a nice box to live in.. But it must be boring for the Barbies to live in everyday till they got taken out.. So for this panel, the Barbie doll ran away because she was bored and then…

“I feel fabulous in here with all these clothes!”

img_9745img_9746I put myself inside the box! And I feel fabulous! The mirror is back still… but this time, smaller and less important, now that I am “perfect” and “plastic”, I don’t need to worry about my looks. Like what they say “life in plastic, it’s fantastic!”

The third set of panels will be discussing how I evolve from stressful to beautiful

“Me always stressing out about everything”

img_9739I chose to represent myself as a caterpillar as they are kind of small, insignificant and not important. At times, I feel that way, no matter how much I do things and try so hard to build myself high but sometimes I feel like I am not important and I am not treated correctly by some people around me. Which is why the trees have no leaf, no flowers, and look pretty scary..

“In cocoons, I feel safe and relaxed” 

img_9740I love hanging out with my best friend, and working but I also love being alone and by myself in my room. I feel safe, relaxed, and happy. So I represent my room as a cocoon and the trees are slowly growing, flowers are starting to bloom and things are looking bright and happy for the “future”

“Allowing me to blossom into a beautiful butterfly!”

img_9741From stressful to beautiful.. I feel like that everyday. All the mean things that have happened to me, all the horrible things people have said and done to me have made me into a beautiful butterfly I am today. I decided not to use any darker shades for this panels as I want this panel to look very bright and happy because that is me today. I have worked really hard to be happy and blossom into a beautiful butterfly I am today. I cut a lot of floral cuts for the background to show the relationship between the panel before to this one.

For the last set of panel will be talking about how much I yearn to travel.

“Me always yearning to travel”

img_9736I am surrounded by well traveled people and friends and they always talk to me about their experiences around the world and what they see and what they do.. These things really make me want to travel so badly and a lot of time, I find myself outside my balcony looking at the sky and wanting to go as high as I can to look at the world… I know one day I will be able to travel but till then I’ll just “reach for the stars”.

“But this universe is ginormous!”

img_9737I created this space scene to show how much I want to travel. This might sound crazy, but not only do I want to travel around the world, but I want to travel OUT OF THIS WORLD too! I have horrible with science, maths, chemistry, physics, and numbers, but I always find myself watching sci-fi movies talking about outer space with a lot of scientific words (which I clearly have no idea what they mean). So I layered the each level of space in different colors and they started from the lightest shade to the darkest shade because space is dark and scary.. but I try to recreate it to make it look as happy and beautiful as possible!

“I guess I am just too ambitious” 

img_9738By now you probably think I am too ambitious, well I do too. I know that these thing will never happen to me.. but in the word of Blondie “Dreaming is free”, so I will just keep dreaming! I created my last panel of myself dreaming of traveling in my mind and at the end of space isn’t dark and scary anymore, it is iridescent, bright and beautiful! When I dream, I feel happy and I hope everyone feel the same way too!


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