SAVE THE CATS OF YISHUN! please… (Part 2)

After the first consultation, I went ahead and tried out different color schemes for this project. One with a lot of colours, one with 3, and one with 2. Already I felt that I like the aesthetics of 2 colors. I began to look for risograph references to recreate this.



As you can see I did not use highlighters like what a lot of people thought I did, I used neon water-colors to try and recreate the risograph style. I did like the concept of the last scheme because it is simple and it’s not over whelming. I don’t know why I did not go with this set of colors in the first place. So I went ahead and email the Knuckles & Notch people.

After the consultation with Mimi, I’ve decided to go ahead and begin my risograph coloring. I emailed the Knuckles & Notch people to ask for the codes for their risograph printing.I received these codes from them:

Fluo Pink – HEX #FF48B0
Green – HEX #00A95C
Purple – HEX #765BA7
Fluo Orange – HEX #FF7477
Yellow – HEX #FFE800
Teal – HEX #00838A
Grey – HEX #928D88
Blue – HEX #0078BF
Black – HEX #000000
Red – HEX #FF665E
I was very excited to get the codes and began the coloring on photoshop. But things didn’t go as plan. After the consultation, the comments I received from my classmates and Mimi weren’t nice. Some of the comments. received were
1. There are too many colors going on
2. The illustrations layouts look very overwhelming
3. Everything looks a little messy.
Here are what I came up with:
As you can see, the colors are very messy, too many things are going on.
I will be using only 2 colors in the next stage of my design process. I will simplify the colors, the designs and start the risograph process.

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