Choose Your Own Aperture


DN1010 Experimental Interaction

Project 2 – Choose Your Own Aperture

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This is a video project done by:

  • Zarinah (video editing and sound effects)
  • Huang Lei (main illustrator)
  • Wan Hui (story, voice acting and assistant illustrator).

 Click here for the first video 😀 





The story begins with you playing as a character who decided to run away from home because you often had heated arguments with your parents. You, as the player, then gets to make a choice. The very first choice is the most important decision as it decides which story you will get. There are 2 main routes for our video; The Mall and The Bus. Depending on your choice, you will get 2 completely different stories that are separate and unrelated. So in order to know the plot for both, you will have to play through it at least twice, and pick the 2 different routes.


For The Mall, there are 2 endings. You either:

  • get eaten alive
  • OR you go home with your mum, which is later revealed that it’s not actually your mum


For The Bus, there are 3 endings. You can either:

  • attack it and run away, to then realise that you are at the bus interchange
  • OR directly meet the bus driver at the bus interchange (this is supposingly the “good” ending)
  • OR meet your mum and again, it is later revealed that it’s not actually your mum

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