1A Further Research [Yr2: Visual Communication 2| P1]

Based on the feedback from the first presentation, I further research on the following topic to narrow down the subject focus.

Wildlife consumption/ bushmeat trade

Recently, the outbreak of coronavirus is a big concern to the world. By today, the death toll in Chinese has risen to 811. There are 40 coronavirus cases in Singapore and confirmed infections in China rose to 37,198 by this time.

The outbreak of coronavirus in December 2019 started at Wuhan South China Seafood Wholesale Market. Due to the desire of wildlife consumption in China, there was illegal wildlife trade at the market.

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Inspiring example of IA: Nam June Paik’s Robot K-456 [Yr2 IM II]

Nam June Paik

the father of video art and a leading Fluxus, video, performance, digital artist. He is a significant figure that redefine art in a new form, technology. His contribution and construction of foundation of multi-media art is undoubtable. Yet, his contribution is not really recognised in today’s world. When asking around whether people knows Nam June Paik, there is a high chance that people would say no. Therefore, I would like to introduce this amazing influential multi-media artist here!

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Dialogue with Time Reflection [Yr2: Visual Communication 2| P1]

Briefly share your experience going through Dialogue with Time. What were some of the feelings, thoughts, challenges and insights gained while role playing an elderly person? 

Dialogue with Time is an interactive exhibition which allows visitors to understanding ageing with role-playing games and most importantly: a chance to communicate with a senior guide and understand how ageing process is on them. While role playing an elderly person, I understand worsening of physical health is a huge hindering in elderly lives. Elderly may have trembling and shaky hands, hearing loss, weaken bone structure, etc. Ageing, in my point of view, is trapping a soul in a weakened body. Elderly might want to run, hike and dance like the youth, but they cannot make it as body restrictions. Due to health condition, there is a higher need of financial support. Yet, if their children (or no child) are supporting them, they will need to work even at an old age. In an optimistic view of point, elderly lives is a period of time which an individual could fully enjoy and spend their time with their love ones, as they no longer have to take care of children and worry for work.

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1A Design + Care Research [Yr2: Visual Communication 2| P1]

Task IA: Exploratory Research – Exploring the What, Why, Who and How?

Project Brief

Creating designs to respond and contribute to meeting the challenges of human needs resulting from social, economic, health and environmental issues confronting our society today.

What are some of the current issues confronting our world today? Amongst them, what is of interest and a cause of concern to you?

I am interested in driving into global issues that applied to everyone.

Climate Change & animals

“British naturalist says climate change is an ‘urgent crisis’ that must be solved”

“Climate Change Is Strengthening Typhoons, Hurricanes and Cyclones.”

“This has been an ecological disaster, a disaster that is still unfolding,”

“Lewis’ the koala rescued from NSW bushfire dies due to extensive burns”

The Australia bushfire starts from June 2019 and until now (January 2020) the fire is still ongoing. Climate change and global warming are becoming more serious. Strengthened typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones, bushfire, sea level rise are issues arose from it. Animals and human are heavily affected by climate crisis. We, as the cause of climate change must address and put in effort to ease the crisis.

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Portfolio of work [News Media Lab]

Relavant 2019 works:

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Research papers on Digital World & User experience:

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