Me and my $50 in Marina Bay. Final [Yr1: Graphic Form. Zine Part II]

Based on Zine Part 1 survey result, Marina Bay is a… expensive tourist attraction. When asked this question: How much will you spend in the Marina bay area? Over 50% of the survey participants answered they would spend less than $ 50.

This comes up with a question: Is it real that people cannot really enjoy marina bay because of the pricey product?

Concept Development

I want to explore the idea of  “What can you do with $ 50 dollar in Marina Bay?” in Zine Part II. Intended to create a short travel guide about how to enjoy in Marina Bay with a limited budget.

Inspiration: Monopoly

Image Source:


I want to create a fun and informative travelling booklet about Marina Bay. A character will lead the audience along the whole booklet. Basically, it is a story of this character traveling in Marina Bay. The audience can choose to spend or save it for later-on. The aim is to give out information about fee of each attraction in Marina Bay, give the audience a rough idea of what they can do with a limited budget there.


  • Keep it direct, straightforward and simple
  • Colourful & Fun that make people interested in reading it
  • A family traveling guide
  • Target audience: family group


Cover and Back Page


I struggled a bit on illustrating the cover and back cover. I want it to be more minimalistic but attractive at the same time.

3rd Spread:

I started with creating the 3rd spread first. Originally, I wanted to put some introductory  information of each attraction but lecturer Joy said it would to better to take away. Therefore, I focus on the price of the attraction and stick to the concept of “what can you do with $50 in Marina Bay”.

1st and 2nd Spread:

I tired to draw different kind of road but decided to use the same kind of ‘S’ road to maintain the consistency and avoid making it too jarring and messy.

Final Submission


Separate into 3 kinds of activities that people can do in Marina Bay.

1st spread: Shopping, showing that shops in Sands are expensive

2nd spread: Play/ Fun, can have fun in Marina Bay at a reasonable price (Garden by the bay/ Art, Science Museum/ Carnival)

3rd spread: Food, a variety of choices are available in Marina Bay.




There is a game rule stated in the first page: you only have $50, spend it wisely in Marina Bay. The roads are guiding lines to the audience, so they can follow the character along the way. (They are all connected from the start to the end) The words in white are the emotions of the character to create a more lively, interactive image to the audience. Price of the products are highlighted for viewer to focus better on. The page number is indicated by the dice at the top left and right corners.

1st spread: Start from exploring the shops in Marina bay sands. LV(iconic landmark) at marina bay sands is one of the largest LV boutique in the world. You can enjoy the sampan rides at the sands. Along the way, the character go through different kinds of shops such as Cosmetics, bags, accessories or shoes.

2nd spread: Play/ Fun. Introducing the price of attractions: Garden by the bay/ Art, Science Museum/ Carnival). Walking from the sands, people can visit the Art, Sci Museum first. The order of the places are based on the reality, it’s a recommended walking route to the visitors.

3rd spread: To the last spread, the character(or can say the viewer) after exploring so much places is hungry and broke so character need Food to continue the journey. The jail part is to make the character to spend more to make him reasonable to be hungry and broke. There is a variety of choices are available in Marina Bay. After this long day, the character must go home (viewer can choice the options: MRT/TAXI/WALK/CAR themselves).

Cover page and Back page: character in love with his 50 dollar but after the trip in Marina Bay, he spends his 50. The $ 50 dollar flies away from him… sadly.


Sticker Version for Presentation:


  • Cute
  • Consistent style: illustration and colour scheme
  • Good to have categorised the content- easily understandable
  • Like the humorous narrative


I really enjoy this project a lot. I am glad that I successfully find my style and have it consistent throughout my booklet. Through the process of creating Zine, I learnt how to produce and print a product in a more professional way.


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