Visually reflect and work on the theme of music ( Elphi) and passing (MAN)  in an abstract and artistic way 

Project Brief Elphi Singapore:Theme Music

“You have to create content that understands urban space and does not work against urban space,” says Bauer, saying: it has to fit thematically. “Media design for public spaces is a whole new discipline that is becoming more and more popular in cities because there are more and more digital spaces,” he adds.
The Media Wall at the Elbphilharmonie is about music – but without using a single sound. “Because the installations work without sound, students should try to visually reflect and work on the topic of music in an abstract, artistic way,” explains Thorsten Bauer. The approaches chosen by the students were very different. “Our aim was to convey a connection between the materiality of the building and the sound of music,” explains Philipp Quast about the approach of his project group. Another group set about demonstrating the rhythmic response of body cells to music. Following are changing geometrical forms, fluid movements, mechanical elements, glittering figures and shadow plays”.. Thorsten continues: “The aim of the Project is to train students in conceiving site-specific media content that thematically and spatially interact with its surrounding and augments the venue by a digital layer. Therefore, the understanding of media becomes a spatial phenomenon that creates and defines a public place. Spatial media interacts with the viewer on an immediate level and it enhances the rare narrative function by means of light, and virtual spaces. The class could also be understood as training in “Digital Space making” – where students are creators of digital works contextualized in a physical environment with tangible outcomes.”

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Project Brief MAN Singapore:Theme Passing





Research and Moodboard

Research and Moodboard
Concept and Techniques research for Elphi and/or MAN. Research and collect inspiration for digital mood-board for your chosen team.

Research (use Power Point or pdf minimum 5 slides)

-Theme /concept research: come up with three concept (s).It can be also one idea with three techniques or three different concepts.

-Techniques research -reviewing possible techniques by going online and searching for case studies and tutorials (After Effects/ Cinema 4D) Collection, collation, and analysis of background material. Look at the past works (OSS) from your handout.


Presentation: Idea & Research: Yin & Yang

YIN & YANG – Style 1 & Experimentations


Beyond the Seas: References and Case Studies

Exploring After Effects and Premiere Pro

More Examples

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Final Works

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Final Works