this week

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This is a gentle reminder of this weeks topics, as outlined on OSS https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/2016-dm3010/ and communicated previously. Review of all the Ramroth readings (there will have to be an emphasis on budget & scheduling, since several people missed session 9); Practical work i.e. ‘pitching practice’…!, preparing assignment 3 (due 14 April, next week); Discussion and… Read more »

this week – perfect pitch makes practice

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In addition to the Ramroth reading, prepare three (3) potential idea-topics as part of the ‘perfect pitch’ assignment. Two can be the same as last week. Your *new idea* should be posted on OSS as 30-word concept. develop one individual project idea using typical ADM resources plus an equipment budget of max 500$, plus your… Read more »

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This week, three things

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Dear all, reminder about this week’s three things: Ramroth reading – chapter 8 – and the quiz! Practice makes perfect presentation skills – you must outline and prepare 2 project ideas (as described in previous message); Guest speaker – assoc. prof. Dr Louis-Philippe Demers, senior IM faculty and one of the most experienced artists in… Read more »

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Session 6

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Brave people, the quiz is up…. http://goo.gl/forms/xyzf6BVH7T  – your personal check-up after reading William Ramroth Junior, chapter 5…. !


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Reminder about Thursday class: Read Ramroth, chapter 3, then do the quiz!!! at http://goo.gl/forms/a74QJRcLY8 Add tags (10+ for each!) to your own 3 of the “fifty projects”, and then read + comment on the others’ proposed projects. Prepare for “Karst” by viewing it (password is ‘nyon’) and post 3 questions with category: Karst.

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Hi, I only see 3 people having responded to the first three quizes. It’s very important that everyone complete these on time (today) as this is a means both for you and for me to monitor the progress of learning. /permagnus


Learning material updates

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Dear project managers, several updates on the OSS pages: assignments, readings, and case studies. None is fully complete but there’s much information that you will want to look into. Be sure to do the quiz‘es after each of the first Ramroth reading sections! Readings 0, 1, and 2 plus corresponding quiz‘es are due THIS WEEK…. Read more »