Week 2 Journal – Favourite Buddhist Temple

Question is: ” What is my favourite Buddhist temple in Singapore and why?”

Answer: Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple at Bugis


This temple draws back a lot of memories when I was a child, being a buddhist myself, my parents will often bring me over to worshipped the Kwan Yin  or Avalokitesvara , the bodhisattva associated with compassion. My parents, being a long term devotees, always believed that the Kwan Yin will blessed our family with good health and good fortune but the mystery still remains.


I did some research and realised that the temple, has existed since 1884, which is like 132 years old till date. The original temple was an example of Chinese temple architecture and traditional craftsmanship. In the main hall, contains 3 altars, the central one for the Kuan Yin and one Bodhidarma (the founder of Zen Buddhism) and Hua Tou, a Chinese patron saint of medicine and healing. It was also believed that during the WWII , the temple was spared of destruction when all the other buildings in the area were severely damage as it provides refuge for the sick, the wounded and the homeless.


  1. Kwan Yin (GuanYin)



2.  Bodhidarma



3. Hua Tou




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