Is Art inherently political? Social Practice Art

Critique on Social Practice Art
Personally, Art has always been a reflection of the world and its society. No matter how whacky or abstract the art is, it always expresses the creator’s state of mind/being.

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My name is Daryl and I am an experience designer…

Currently pursuing a degree in Nanyang Technological University’s Arts, Design & Media programme, I aspire to be an individual and an artist that can inspire change in people and the world. To be an Experience designer, I focus on producing quality & culturally relevant products, processes, services, events, omni-channel journeys, and environments. With a cross-discipline perspective, I consider multiple aspects of a brand or business from their product, packaging, environment to standards of service. A well designed experience will support and influences human behaviour through usability, accessibility, desirability, usefulness and impact.

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