Render Tender by Divaagar @ NGS

by Divaagar
Mixed Media

Description: Render Tender adopts the set-up of a fictional reiki studio that channels remote healing thought the aid of projected visuals and a calming soundscape. It considers how acts of care persist and can be performed and experience in intimate isolation. The artist draws on reiki, a form of spiritual healing operating through trust and touch that offers a poignant and adaptable model of sustaining intimacy in a pandemic where physical contact must be negotiated.

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My name is Daryl and I am an experience designer…

Currently pursuing a degree in Nanyang Technological University’s Arts, Design & Media programme, I aspire to be an individual and an artist that can inspire change in people and the world. To be an Experience designer, I focus on producing quality & culturally relevant products, processes, services, events, omni-channel journeys, and environments. With a cross-discipline perspective, I consider multiple aspects of a brand or business from their product, packaging, environment to standards of service. A well designed experience will support and influences human behaviour through usability, accessibility, desirability, usefulness and impact.

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Device of the Week: Little I [Health]

Innovated by designers Chris Barnes and others at Cambridge Consultants of Cambridge, ‘Little I’ empowers parents in low resource countries to monitor the health of their newborns by providing a low-cost, durable device that gives them assurance of their newborn’s survival despite lack of medical knowledge. 28 days after the birth, the device is returned which is then cleaned and recharged to be used by the next newborn.

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Paint The Town Red – Singapore Heritage Light Up

10 national monuments and arts/cultural institutions are illuminated in the national colours of red and white to show the solidarity and celebration of Singapore’s 55th birthday

  • The Armenian Church (as shown below)
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • Cathedral of Good Shepherd
  • Central Fire Station
  • National Gallery of Singapore
  • The Arts House
  • Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall
  • Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Esplanade 

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