Initial Sketch: Feelings of Home vs Covid19

Visualise — A white/translucent quarantine tent small enough for 1 person to crawl into. Inside the tent, a large red cushion is positioned in the middle for the 1 person to lie/sit/roll on. The walls of the tent start to change into a pinkish-red hue as the sound of a slow-paced heartbeat fades in. The heartbeat is accompanied by a gentle hum and occasional sounds of fluid and air resembling a stomach digesting. The walls of the tent subtly and continuously change in hues of pink and red. A few seconds in, the pace of the heartbeat starts to quicken and sounds of ann airy breath start to increase in volume, overpowering the heartbeat. Coughing and wheezing take over and the tent starts to shrink and collapse inwards. The noise and constricting space get more and more uncomfortable, forcing the person out of the tent.

Concept: A pregnant mother who contracts COVID-19. 


Monkeyman Journey – Reflection

In response to the theme of space for connection, communication and intimacy, I realised that our first micro-assignment of intervention for two people got a little skewed from the original intention, which was to connect, communicate or give allowance for intimacy.

While the game did give awareness to the different senses that help develop a sense of space and direction, it only had minimal opportunities for the 2 people to connect.

To increase the allowance for interaction between the 2 participants, instead of 1 participant experiencing the game at a time, both participants will be going through the space together. The participants will be bound together at their limb of choice and each is to choose one sense to focus on. So by cooperation and communication with each other, they have to make it through the obstacle course together to get to the endpoint.

At the same time, adding an audio ambience with some physical feedback to simulate the environment of a forest can enforce a sense of direction and space.

Relation with Space and The Mind – Reflection

While going through the chapter, a TED talk that I watched came to mind. It shared a different perspective of how language shapes the way we think and how it affects the person’s sense of direction, spacial organisation and time.

Video here.

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