Project 1: Alter Egos (Final)

The Final Video

This is a short film depicting how difficult things can get when a socially awkward Tinzah meets the sassy Arinah Lumpspace Princess.


At first, I was pretty reluctant to be in front of the camera and act. However, I feel that the best person to portray Tina would be myself since I relate to her awkwardness a lot. It really did pay off because it’s nice to assess your own acting skills and see whether what has been executed is close to what you plan it to be.

If there’s one thing that I would want to improve on, it would be to increase the quality of my voiceover. Maybe loaning the digital voice recorder for future assignments would give me a better quality sound. I could also try out my iphone voice recorder as mentioned by one of our classmates. In terms of angles, I think the use of storyboard really helped me plan the scenes and angles a lot, like how a dialogue scene should always feature a close up of the two characters. The dialogue scene could be less choppy if I filmedĀ it in one long shot instead of breaking it up into smaller parts.

In terms of characters, I feel that they are well executed as viewers know what kind of personalities these 2 have in just 1 minute; from their gestures to to the way they talk to their facial expressions. The way the characters dress also help to bring out the character even more. Since I know that my editing and filming skills are not quite on par, I focused a lot on characterization which I believe is the main aim of this project. Therefore, I’ve planned out all the gestures and small habits of the characters so as to bring across their personality really clearly.

This assignment was generally fun to accomplish, especially when I had Arinah to help me act and film. It is also exciting to play as your alter ego as it kind of comes naturally for you since you relate to the character a lot.

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