Ideas for 4D Foundation II

Ideas for Foundation 4D II

I’ve two ideas currently and tried to keep to topics that were personal to me.

  • Running- a short animation film on the process of running, from the anticipation in the start to the process, where one works through determination and perseverance, to reach the end where they look back on their efforts and look forward to the next run.
  • Home- specifically based on NTU students staying in Hall. They commute from Home to Hostel every week. What does it mean to be constantly moving between places that you stay in? I hope to explore this in a short animated film.

Author: Fernandez Leong

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3 thoughts on “Ideas for 4D Foundation II”

  1. The Running idea sounds like an educational tutorial on how to run. The idea also sounds a bit simple, maybe you could add how different people run. (E.g Soccer players run with more side to side movements as compared to a sprinter.) I feel like the idea has a lot of room to expand.

    For the Home idea, I feel that it is sufficient by itself. Maybe you could compare it to someone that doesn’t stay in Hall. Show the problems faced by the two different types of students in NTU.

  2. Hello! I also actually had a running idea, but mine was a comedic take. Perhaps you can show the protagonist’s thoughts while he/she is running- wanting to give up, telling himself to just push on a little more, and all these thoughts repeating throughout the run.
    The home one sounds a bit documentary style, maybe you could combine interviews with students and animations of their experiences.

  3. I think it is interesting to explore the home idea. You could explore themes of friendship and family and the values which a university student places in his/ her life. For example the character might prefer to spend time at home but that creates a strain in his/her family.

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