The Garden of Forking Paths

In the reading, what was interesting and i had not known until now was the idea of how similar The Garden of Forking Paths was to adventure game books. It seems chaotic, yet, the possibilities are almost all there. No more are we confined to the space, and we are just focused on the concept of time itself, and through that time, we enter or choose our own space.

I always liked the concept of adventure books, and this reading allowed me to appreciate it more.

Also, the idea of in a guessing game, the answer is not mentioned at all in it. The game is supposed to lead/draw/focus to the answer itself. It makes me realised that there are many times when i am so focused on my topic itself, that i forgotten to lead people to it. And this reading allows me to possibly express ideas in works better in terms of interactivity and affordance

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