Can I Be Yayoi Kusama?

When I think of dots and lines, Yayoi Kusama naturally comes to mind but stippling is too much work to do given the time frame.


So I make do with what I have and did line-drawing together with mono prints and experiment with different materials in trying to find the perfect way to express emotions through lines, dots, and spaces. Here are some sample works that leads towards the final submission.


  • Exploring Turbulent – A miasma of opposing swirls in random motion and velocity.


  • Ambiguity
    • (Above) – Using negative space to form lines
    • (Below) – Inspired by the Rorschach, whose work is widely used to psychoanalyse patients in psychology.


  • Aggressive – Trying to show aggression from the use of hard strokes, did not really come through for the first one. (Appears more turbulent to me).


  • Exhausted – Influenced by marine snow, decaying matter that falls to the oceanic abyss in a lax way.
  • Sensual – Exploration of gentle, fluid motions of fresh bedsheets that accentuates th body contour.


  • Psychotic – A series of deliberately placed fingerprints; non-indentity identity. The white pieces on some of the paint are torn paper stuck to it mid-drying. Showing the obsessive reluctance to let go or change such that it adversely effect the other subject.
  • Anxious – Chattering teeth


  • Fragile – Cracked glass where hard lines give way to thin lines
    • Tried using henna but it the colour does not turn out well on paper
  • Nonsensical
    • Using dots and lines to create icons to create lines
    • Various random strokes of brush used in the there prints


  • Embarrassed – The white lines soon engulfed by negative space, though there are thin embossed lines that hints of its existence but still not be able to be seen at a glance.
  • Spontaneous – Use brush. Take ink. Splatter. Ta-da~


Final Result:

Top-Down: Anxious, Embarrassed, Bizarre, Exhausted, Fragile.
Top Down: Systematic, Lyrical, Turbulent, Nonsensical, Psychotic.
Top Down: Ambiguous, Distracted, Sensual, Sloven.
Top Down: Spontaneous, Aggressive, Awkward, Indecisive.


The final pieces are a mixture of influence from various artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Chai Guo-Qiang (No gunpowder’s used here. Not that hardcore yet.), Picasso (for the bizarre piece) and Keith Haring. I’ve written notes for the final to pieces to explain how I get about doing it but I will just touch on three here.




Lyrical to me is pleasing and carefree yet there is some form of order. Without order, it will be a cacophony. The line is created using the sides of a scalpel knife. The light background adds an air of “joi de vivre”, a certain buoyancy and merriment to the piece.


Luscious, jubilant, and wide confident strokes on different layers that is reminiscent to that of a court jester. The zany use of positive and negative space gives it a certain kitsch.


The strong thick line down the middle directs the eye across until it the break. This long pause is the where awkward stems from; the incomprehensible will to expect and will expect something to happen and when that expectation lingers longer than it should.

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