4D Assignment 2: Soundscape Research & Process


The world I created is one where people have supernatural abilities. However, they can only get their abilities when they do well academically.
Hence, I decided to set my scene based on a library, because well, studies and academics, can’t go too far wrong with a library.
Our ADM library below 😀
Sound list of how I wanted to tell my story:
Setting of scene: 20 sec
  • Sounds of library (center(went to the library to take sounds)
  • book flipping (left(recorded in a quiet place) 
  • book slam on table (multiple) (center(same as above) 
  • silent chattering (back) (this one not so much, just took from ambiance sound from library)
  • keyboard typing (back) (my own keyboard) 
  • chair moving/squeaking (right and left) (did this in the 2D room hhahaha. made a lot of noise when no one’s around) 
  • someone calling out “SHHHHHH” (left) (my friend’s voice) 
  • “sorry sorry” (center(Another friend’s voice) 
  • Chair moving (right) (2D room again)
  • book flipping (back)
Making fire: 15 sec
  • rubbing hands together (friction sound) (center(my hands) 
  • start fire (fwoomp!) (center)
  • Sparks (center(plastic bag, idea from Andree. THANKS ANDREE!) 
  • fire waving sound (left to right?) (blowing into the mic. hahahhaa) 
  • explodes into bigger flame (center) (make shift flame thrower with Baygon hehehe. no worries, was very safe, sort of) 
  • “shit shit shit!” (center) (my voice) 
  • “fire!!” (center) (mixture of friends voices) 
  • shouting (left and right)
Chaos: 15 sec
  • overlay many screaming shouts (maybe not so much words, but actual screaming (left and right) (mixture of friends voices) 
  • fire alarm (center) (heheh this one took from internet, too unique a sound to create)
  • chairs shift and squeak (left and right) (2D room)
  • footsteps running (multiple) (fade out) (left and right) (mine and friends) 
  • sprinklers sound turn on (center) (spray of the Baygon and other spray spray things) 
  • fire slowly burns off (center)
End: 10 sec
  • running (shoes and slippers) (left and right)
  • sigh of relief (center)

So I’ve put above what are the ways I got my sounds in red

Toughest part was the fire sounds. Did some research on how to get this out. Someone recommended using Baygon to spray and create the flamethrower and record the sound.

It didn’t really turn out as well as I’d hoped. Wasn’t really what I was going for, but I added it into the final anyway. Overlay the sounds ma.

Instead we just continued to play with the blowing into the mic. It worked out well enough! hahahhaa

BUTT!! there were some parts where I used sounds I found. Like the inital FWOOMP! That one was a headache. Just cannot get it right. So I had no choice but to add in from the internet. heheheh sorryyy


So after the first consultation, the feedback was to set the scene more. My initial one was too abrupt and didn’t really seem like a library sort of setting. So I went back to my sound list and came up with a more detailed list (the one above) to go about telling my story. Tried to spice it up a little more than normal also heheheh. Make it more exciting with the running here and there, which my initial cut did not have.



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