Interactive II: #2 Milestones


What we achieved:
We sourced around for patches related to particles and camera blob tracking. Of the two particle patches we found, the flow and behaviour of one was smoother than the other. However, we had some problems understanding the patch because it had many foreign objects and attributes involved. (, mesh, render, jit.gen, jit.expr)

We used cv.jit.blobs.centroids for the tracking of the light source, and cv.jit.module.presence for the detection of movement.
Sensing: Camera detection
Effecting: Drawing of blob at the brightest spot (depending on the set threshold and the brightness of the surroundings), and output the xy coordinates of that spot

We linked both cv.jit patches with the particles, hence the particles can now be tracked using the blob. We also altered the number of particles and level of attraction to suit our project, however, we failed to change the colour of the particles.

Animation: Started on the rendering of a 3D deer and a deerhound.


1. Can’t change colour of particles
2. Camera was laggy because there was two face detection going on

New problems: Need to understand this complicated patch.



What we achieved:
With Lpd’s help, we managed to change the colour of the particles. Turns out there was an extra cord connecting our mesh with some random object and none of us noticed it.

We decided to add some audio effects into our patch – by linking it with the movement tracking (cv.jit.module.presence) and onebang. So, if player’┬ás movement speed > 80, magic wand sound effect will trigger.

We met up for a prop-making session to work on our smokescreen.
Some process pictures of us drilling holes into a PVC pipe that we found:

Animation: Managed to lock down all key poses and get some basic movements for the walk cycle of the deer and deerhound.


1. Time constraint
2. Overcrowded patcher (needs to split to two computers)
3. How do we put in the animation? (next step)

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