Playing with resin:

basically using a mould

add resin base and two percent of resin hardener, 

pour in the mould! and add the items you wanna add into the mould.

leave overnight to cure and dry 🙂 


I decided to use an ice cube tray for the mould, following the food theme of my projects. for the items i wanted to add into the mould, I dug through my pantry for the things

I wanted colours in my ‘ice cubes’, mainly red, beige, cream and a pop of a darker colour. as a result, i used chilli flakes (leftover from pizza), chilli powder (leftover from ramen), rolled oats, chia seeds, crushed pumpkin seed, and some old pills i no longer needed.

adding chilli powder!

Since i was using a hard ice cube tray, i was concerned that i couldnt pop the resin out afterwards, so i used some vaseline to lube up the insides of the ice cube tray. it gave the resin some texture, but i wasnt too concerned about that!

adding swirls into the resin using toothpick.

i wanted the chilli flakes to look like they are floating inside- only one of them was more successful.

the more successful ice cube! with chilli flakes floating 🙂

all of the ice cubes 🙂

before taking them out

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