Art Final Piece


Final piece.


1st Draft.


2nd Draft.


The final piece shows me holding an umbrella walking in the rain, up a flight of steps. I feel that as the people around us; family, schools we attended, protects us in a safe and sound environment, just like how walking in the rain with an umbrella on hand shields us from the rain. But in order for us to climb further in our lives, we inevitably have to break away sometimes to venture out on our own, although we might get wet. I wanted to show that even though the future may be uncertain, but it is only for us to experience it.

I’ve used shade for the leaves and bushes in the background, and tone to show where the light is coming from. The foreground is in darker shade as compared to the background, so as to show the contrast of distance. The trees gives the verticals to the composition, and the shadows give some horizontal to it. Drawing the hand and umbrella to the left of the plane makes it less centre-orientated.

Author: Jolene Tan

NTU IEM Y3. Simply me.

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