For this assignment, I decided not to have a recurring “character” to represent myself as my drawing skills are not that good as my peers, so I decided to approach this from an abstract point of view; there is no continuity between the equations. I figured that the main point of the assignment was to explore different colour schemes, and that was what I tried to do.

1.) Solitude + Music = Me (epic CD riding on wave action)IMG_3785 IMG_3786 IMG_3787

I depicted solitude as the ocean, as… I like music, so I portrayed it as a hand holding a CD. The combination of both elements resulted in many CDs riding on waves. For the colour scheme, I showed how 2 analogous colours combined into a complementary colour scheme.

2.) Creativity – Fear = A better me (Godly stuff making powers)IMG_3788 IMG_3789 IMG_3790

For this equation, I decided to go with a pop-art theme. I depicted “creativity” as a pair of hands, as I feel that most creative things that humans do all involve their hands. I used a triadic colour scheme (red/blue/yellow) for this. For fear, I went with a monochrome colour scheme as the way I represented fear (many judgmental eyes) calls for a black and white scheme, as fear has no colour. Finally, for the last panel, I re-interpreted the famous painting, “The Creation of Adam”, using a tetradic colour scheme (purple/yellow,red/green). I drew a parallel between “The Creation of Adam” and my own creative potential. Personally, this is my favourite equation.

3.) Playing Cards X Abstract Thinking = An ideal meIMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3793

For this equation, I decided to think outside the box and attempt to creatively use playing cards. The most interesting panel is the last one, where I cut up numerous playing cards to form a star shaped pattern. The main colour scheme here is blue and orange (complementary).

4.) Photography + Dogs = Me in 5 years (making dog movies)IMG_3794 IMG_3795 IMG_3796

For the last equation, I played with analogous colour schemes for the first 2 panels (using the darker colours to portray a shadow), while for the final panel, I combined the previous 2 panels and played with a triadic colour scheme (red/blue/yellow). 


I learnt a lot about implementing different colour schemes into my artwork. I also learnt to work around my limitations, as initially, I was quite lost on how to approach this assignment as I wasn’t really proficient in either drawing or photoshopping. I took Shirley’s advice and traced out my main elements, while adding my own touch as well. Overall, I am quite satisfied at the final result.


Don’t make me see red.

In popular media, different colours are used to represent different emotions and themes. Here are some examples:

Red: Generally used to represent anger and passion. One reason why love is sometimes interpreted as a rose is due to it being the colour red.

Closeup of a red rose.

Blue: I interpret blue as a colour that represents calmness and trust, the same emotions that I feel whenever I look at a blue ocean. It is also coincidentally my favourite colour. Go blue!


Green: The phrase “green with envy comes to mind. Exactly how I feel whenever someone gets more sleep than me.


But other than that, green is also known to induce feelings of harmony and growth. It is the same colour as nature, making it easy to look at.

Yellow: Seen as a colour that invokes feelings of optimism and joy.


Orange: While similar to yellow, it conveys slightly different emotions. While yellow depicts joy, orange depicts enthusiasm.


Purple: Often seen as a colour of royalty and extravagance.


Black: A very powerful and attention drawing colour; used to symbolise power and authority.


White: Like a blank canvas, it symbolises purity and innocence.

Blank paper and pen