Hello My name is Hui Shan! And these are the three cards I created for the hello exercise.




For the typography exercise, I kept all my alphabets really closed together because I am a very introverted person and I like to keep to myself. I chose the colour blue as the base for the word because I like the colour blue and also because I am a very inactive person. The centre part of the word is missing to convey the idea that I like to wander around a lot not only physically but also mentally, I am there but not there.

Medium used: Pencil, watercolour and Copic.



It’s a curly looking thing, in fact it’s a cat tail. I did this because I like to draw cats a lot. I decided to go for a minimal approach for the abstract one because I really like to have space compared to being in  very cramp place. The tail is put at the corner of the  paper because I like to be alone at a corner and also because being at a corner allows me to observe everything around. Colour is simply black and white because I like the colour black, and also to keep the whole thing really simple.

Medium: Black marker, Mitsubishi uniball 0.38



For the conceptual card, the idea is more or less same as the abstract one, just that this time round the cat is drawn out. The cat is made to look cartoony instead of realistic because drawing cartoony, cute character is my interest. And I want to represent that idea in a simplistic way.


Below are some of the draft I drawn for this exercise

DSC00681 DSC00682

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